Burning the so called “Midnight Oil”?

Okay so everyone knows that burning the midnight oil is a popular English saying but here in West Africa (Nigeria) we actually take it literally……you know what I mean *
Most parents expect their children to stay up all night and read . Honestly let’s face the fact 70% of students who claim they read at night only deceive themselves while the other 30% do this because they find at as a suitable reading style .
I was going to post something later about studying methods but I assume it should be included here . Most students failed and are still failing because they do not have a reading style they are suitable with , Nigerian parents just always want to have their own way.
The child might be the type who enjoys studying in the morning when the brain is still fresh (…..talk later about this when I post about studying methods ). Fact is not every kid needs to burn the so called Midnight oil, if you know you can’t study at night tell your parents and find a reading habit that fits your learning style.
Now parents let them be comfortable with themselves because as cheesy as this sounds that is how their foundation starts.

The term so far (What an average student does wrong).

With the term, semester or whatever you call it coming to an end everyone takes home their result, compares it with oter results and all that. Some students are happy with their results but some aren’t probably because they didn’t meet up to what they planned or because they didn’t just pass well enough. But, there’s always still next semester or term and you have to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.
Here’s a list of what an average student might have done wrong to have the sort of result he or she has now.
• Reading too much for the not so hard subjects.
•Paying less attention to what the teacher says in class because you feel he’s boring.
•Failing to read for tests and class activities.
•Waiting for exam time before you read.
So whatever your result was; good, bad, ugly just make sure you go through your exam scripts(if you have them) or the questions and figure out what you did wrong and make sure you come next term more prepared so the same mistakes won’t be made.
For those who passed Merry Christmas if u didn’t pass you don’t need christmas go read your book 😀 Just kidding Merry Christmas from Oyinbopepper

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Isn’t learning supposed to be FUN?

Last time I blogged about reading at nighjt and the fact that some kids aren’t comfortable with doing that. But today I’m looking at another topic and this one is kind of a two-way answered question.
So we all know that in Nigeria we have the British curriculum schools and the Nigerian curriculum schools. Both schools have very different ways of doing things and this sort of conflicts because of the way the children are oriented .
What I’m saying is that in some schools the children learn with a better approach because they actually experiment and are asked to do a lot of project work . In some International so called British curriculum schools the children are always eager to learn maths because they’re textbooks are so colourful and they have a lot of characters blah blah blah ….
See now in Nigerian curiculum schools the kids know one thing and one thing alone which is text and notebook. Its not bad that that is all they do but come on let’s face it a bit of fun and pop quizes from time to time will make the child eager to learn.
What am I trying to say here….Basically I’m trying to tell you that All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy(most of you have heard this ) and All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy(bet you never heard this one).
So schools across West Africa here’s something for you; no kid wants to sit down in a lame classroom all day and listen to some teacher say some boring stuff( TO BE HONEST). Let’s be honest we need to do a bit of the both let it be fun and at the same time let the child learn.

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The perks of being in the Boarding House

Boarding school can be a great place to meet new people and to have fun while you’re at school, but day school is also a good place to go if you don’t like being away from your parents or you have great friends where you are. Both are really great, but boarding school can be really fun and you get really close to the people you meet there.

One cannot say that boarding school is better or Day school in comparison, while both are effective in producing good results in terms of academics, extra-curricular, social interactions etc but for some parents it’s difficult to give extra-care and time to their child from the drudgery of their routine, and also due to other reasons they send their children to boarding.

There are number of benefits in a boarding School.

• Daily coexistence leads to friendships, not just among students, but also with faculty members.
• Often Low student-teacher ratio. The median class size may be 12 students per teacher, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 6 to 1.
• Boarding school reduces compartmentalization, because academic studies are blended with other activities, such as sports. This natural juxtaposition increases the appeal of both pursuits.
• Provides stability not available in families where one or both parents travel or are virtually never home due to work schedules.
• Safety of individuals residing in boarding school is typically higher than non boarding school age students in general.
• Special help programs are often available.
• Students enjoy more challenge and face fewer harmful distractions. If the student’s public school options are rife with bad influences or lack diversity, boarding school may be the answer.
• Students learn to govern their own behavior. In many cases students’ appreciation for parents greatly increases.
• Where earlier generations have attended the institution, a family tradition is sustained — becoming an additional source of motivation
• Some boarding school offer a post-high school graduation development program, which can provide additional opportunity to mature, perfect academic polish and further develop themselves becoming better prepared to be an adult in today’s world.
• Getting a more full on education and socialising with peers that you usually wouldn’t.

The disadvantages are unfortunately greater.

• Some social network sites that you can access through the weekends are blocked during the week.
• In most boarding schools, you can only go so far away from the premises when you wish to go out with friends.
• Some schools have summer sessions, possibly also open to students of other schools. These sessions often feature special concentrations such as academic or computer instruction and/or the “fine” arts. Some offer sports and/or rigorous outdoor training during the summer.
• Many boarding schools are religious so you will sit through an hour church service.
• Younger pupils will mainly feel patronised by staff and older boarders.
• Parents no longer have to seem like ogres or nags. Instead at least one member of the boarding staff will.
• Cases of bullying can be continued in the boarding house.
• ratio of English people to foreign people isn’t favourable.
• Homesickness and getting in a room with nasty people.

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